Arriving in Poulsbo


This was one exciting trip I left with two friends from Alameda early morning and as usually there were 20 foot swells leaving the Golden Gate Bridge. We expected that it would calm down after we rounded the point, it did not, we at that point should have gone back and waited for good weather but we though that if we went out 30 miles or so it would get better. It did not and it got worse. Now we were out 30 mile and had 20 foot swells and 6 foot wind waves. We had to crawl from place to place. It took all day to get back. At one point we had to stop and get the dinghy as the water tore it off the top of the boat. We managed to get it back but could not get it aboard and just towed it. We also lost the engine. We tore the trim tabs off backing into the waves trying to get the dinghy. I went down into the forward stateroom and found the chain locker had come open and the chain was flying around the cabin breaking all the mirrors. The waves were hitting us and then we would drop into the trough and the anchor chain would levitate. It was about 3 AM when we came into Noyo harbor (Fort Bragg). It is a very narrow channel so we called the Coast Guard and they had us wait by the save buoy and they came out and got us. I guess they do this quite often. They had a big light and lead us into the channel. It had been a long day but the coast guard ran our driver's license to be sure we did not have any wants or warrants check over the boat and we went to sleep for the night. The next morning we got up and the dock was covered with sea Lion waste. Sea Lions were every where and they were sinking the docks. We were told to just leave them along and work around them. They have taken over the marina and the environments are protecting them. I do believe in protecting them but this has gone too far. The next day we inspected the damage. We were in Noyo Harbor for the next 2 weeks doing repairs. We tried after 2 weeks to leave but the waves were still up and we had to turn around. The Mendocino coast is the worst waters on the pacific coast. The stranges part was the weather was very nice the seas were just too bad to continue. We waited and found that another storm was going to come in 2 day the wind had changed and was now coming from the south and the water turned calm. My friends had to go home so Lore and I took off and headed north. It was the best seas I have ever seen we could have skipped rocks on the water the Dolphins were swimming along side the boat. We managed to stay ahead of the storm until we turned the curve at Cape Flattery. Once inside the straits the rain came but that is why we have a pilothouse and we continued to our new port in Poulsbo.

Pictures of our trip north.
Under the Golden Gate

Noyo Harbor

Off the coast of Mendocino

Grays Harbor


Weather station

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