Lore and I have been doing some cruising by ourselves. We look forward to having others traveling with us but work and other commitments make it difficult for them to take the time. So we take it slow and make sure that we don't take-on to long of a trip at a time. One of our trips were to go up the coast of Canada. The first stop was to Pender Harbour, This is about the first stop after leaving Friday Harbour, stopping on the way to check in with the border check at Pender Island. It is a long day (7 hours) but after that we were able to moved up to the Malibu Rapids and into see Chatterbox Falls, after two days at Chatterbox Falls we moved on to Gorge Harbour on Cortes Island. Gorge Harbour and the Marina is a very nice place and pricy ($1.50/ft). However they do have more resort type features. One of the nights we were there they had a band out side under the gazebo. Nice park like atmosphere with a swimming pool. The Restaurant had very good food and well worth the price but you really need to make reservations. The fuel was cheaper there then on the coast. As with most of the Marinas the internet is less then what it should be and could be. There is no reason that you canŐt get service at your boat 24/7. In this case they changed the password each day so at midnight you could not get on and had to wait until they opened the next day and then they would only allow so many people on at a time.